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Before and After Cleaning Projects

Superb Cleaning Pte. Ltd. is the ideal provider spring cleaning services in Singapore. We sanitise, clean, and rescue upholstery, carpets, equipment, floors, and sofas. Neglected upholstery, equipment, and carpets collect dust and odours that can significantly ruin these items. Our professional cleaning services are designed to give you the peace of mind you deserve as well as the time you need. Our well trained cleaning experts have extensive experience in cleaning, sanitising, and maintaining these hard to clean items. We don’t just focus on the surface of carpets and upholstery. We go deep to clean out unhygienic dirt and grime. Plus, our satisfied clients get to save money on getting replacement carpets, sofas, and upholstery because we add years to the life of these items. Results are part of what makes our work enjoyable. As proof of the wonders that our cleaning team can do, here are some before and after pictures of our previous projects.

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